[ Job Overview ]

As a frontend focused Blockchain Engineer you are responsible for producing scalable software solutions in a hands-on development role. You are expected to work on software components within the front-end (web/mobile), smart contracts, and integration layers.

You will interface with various members of the development team as well as the company’s business team throughout the entire development life cycle.

You should be knowledgeable and able to answer questions with regards to the front-end technologies, Dapp architecture, blockchain integration tools and related libraries and smart contract components. Primary role goals include:

  • building and maintaining the company’s/partner’s client side technologies,
  • building out Dapp functionality, and maintaining intimate knowledge of the Dapp library and tooling ecosystem,
  • building and leading frontend/Dapp/integration based Klaytn open source repositories and supporting community technical knowledge in these areas

[ Responsibilities and Duties ]

  • Development, updating, and maintaining of various software products and company websites.
  • Development, updating, and maintaining of web based, mobile, or hybrid applications.
  • Build reusable code and libraries for future use with a focus on modularity and low technical debt.
  • Build Klaytn blockchain interfacing applications such as Dapps, blockchain wallets and blockchain account management solutions
  • Ensure the stability and security of front-end components.
  • Integrate front-end solutions with blockchain and backend components

[ Requirements ]

  • Education level - Bachelor Degree in Computer Science, Software Engineering or further.
  • Experience - 7+ years of proven experience (some of this experience as a Senior Front-end Engineer) or equivalent.
  • Experience - 3+ years of Solidity smart contract and Dapp development
  • Development tools - Github, Confluence/Jira, Mocha/Chai, Jest, Cypress, Electron
  • Frontend skills - HTML5, CSS/SASS, Javascript, ReactJS, React Native, mobile development frameworks, frontend storage solutions, webpacking, single-page applications, MVC architecture and components, responsive design, API integration and interfacing, JWT and authentication strategies, Chrome extension experience
  • Blockchain Specific Skills - Dapp development, Solidity, web3.js/ethers.js, MetaMask/MEW wallet integration, Truffle, Hardhat, Waffle, OpenZeppelin Contracts, EVM knowledge
  • Personal characteristics - good work ethic, team oriented, self-directed, passionate about technology
  • Preferred candidates will have additional knowledge of:
    • Deep experience and knowledge of Blockchain (specifically Klaytn/Ethereum)
    • UI/UX tools/experience and wireframing, Adobe Photoshop Sketch or similar visual software, AB testing.
    • Knowledge of OWASP security best practices for frontend applications
    • Understanding of cryptographic primitives, symmetric/asymmetric cryptography and practical use for encryption of data and digital signatures
    • Business English for team communications

[ Hiring Process ]

  • Resume Screening > Technical Challenge Test > 1st Interview > Pair Programming in Solidity > 2nd Interview > Salary Negotiation